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Grenora School District

402 Robinson Street

Grenora, ND 58845


School Staff


- Lea Fjelstad

- Contact Information :

1st Grade

- Hollie Cartwright

- Contact Information : Hollie.Vanberkom@Sendit.Nodak.Edu

2nd Grade

- Kristine Field

- Contact Information : Kristine.E.Field@sendit.Nodak.Edu

3rd Grade

- Angela Melgaard

- Contact Information : Angela.Melgaard@sendit.Nodak.Edu

4th Grade

- Miranda Neville

- Contact Information : Miranda.Neville@sendit.Nodak.Edu

5th Grade

- April Madsen

- Contact Information :

6th Grade

- Ashley Lampert

- Contact Information : Ashley.Lampert@sendit.Nodak.Edu

7th Grade- English and Math

- AJ Allard

- Contact Information :

Ag/ Shop

- Heidi Salvesen

- Contact Information : Heidi.Salvesen@sendit.Nodak.Edu

Business Education

- Jennie Hesketh

- Contact Information :

English/ Drama

- Susan Baggs

- Contact Information :  Susan.Baggs@Sendit.Nodak.Edu

Family Consumer Science

- Fcs Teacher

- Contact Information :

History/ Social Studies

- Taryn Sveet

- Contact Information :


- Heather Marottek

- Contact Information : Heather.Marottek@Sendit.Nodak.Edu

Physical Education

- Clint Neville

- Contact Information : Clinton.Neville@sendit.Nodak.Edu


- Bob Guderjohn

-Contact information :

Special Education

- Kaloni Erickson

- Contact Information :  Kaloni.Erickson@sendit.Nodak.Edu



Grades will be mailed out on May 23rd

Grades will be mailed out on Friday, May 23rd.


End of School Dance

This Saturday there will be a dance for all high school students of Grenora and Westby. The dance will be held in the community center on main street of Grenora. It will go from 8:30 until 11:00 P.M Central Time. If you are looking to have a fun time please come out and celebrate the end of the year with a bunch of friends and get ready for summer!

Grades due Thursday the 22nd

All grades will be final on the 22nd, so be sure to turn in all assignments before then.

K-6 Field Trip

Grades K-6 will be going to the Williston ARC for field trip on Thursday May 15th.

Finals Week!

Finals at our school will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday the 19th and 20th of May.

Library Books Due

all library books are due by Friday, May 16th.

Track meet on Wednesday.

There will be a district  track meet at Sidney, and starts at 10:00 AM central time, on Wednesday. Buses leave at 7:30 AM.

Schwan’s Fundraiser

just a reminder that the fundraising campaign for Grenora PAPA (Parents After Prom Association) With Schwan’s is still running and will continue through January of 2015. Our organization  will receive 5% of all purchase bought through . You can do this by entering Grenora School PAPA as the campaign name.

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day??

Mothers day is approaching and there is still plenty of time to get your mother a present! The kids around the Grenora School have been asked what they plan on getting their moms and they are very thoughtful. Some plan on making breakfast for them in bed, others having been making cards and wood plaques for their mothers in shop class! They’re are kids who said they just want to spend the day with their mom and give her lots of hugs! These are great gifts and will make every mom feel very appreciated! Happy Mothers Day everyone!



Open Public Meeting on May 13th.

The Grenora Public School Board invites the public to participate in a school demographic planning forum in accordance with NDCC 12.1-07-26. This open public meeting will be held on May 13th, 2014 at 7:30 PM in the School Library. At this forum, the school board will discuss and receive public input on how three and five-year demographics may impact academic and extracurricular programs instructional and administrative  staffing, facility needs and utilization, district tax levies, and the district’s strategic plan.

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