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AR Rewards

AR Reading Rewards
Grades 1-3

Points                                             Reward

2 pts                                             Pencil

4 pts                                             Pencil Grip

6 pts                                             Bookmark

8 pts                                             Gel Pen

10 pts                                           Putty/Slime

12 pts                                           Scented Eraser Wheel

14 pts                                           Lunch with Mr. Paine

16 pts                                           Magnetic Pal

18 pts                                           Invite your Parents of Grandparents to Lunch

20 pts                                           Read to Kindergarten

25 pts                                           Walk the Halls (Last Thursday of the Month)

30 pts                                           Free Homework Pass

35 pts                                           Lunch with your Teacher

40 pts                                           15 Minutes of Computer/IPAD Pass

45 pts                                           Treasure Box

50 pts                                           Wall of Fame (Pizza Party)

55 pts                                           Root Beer Float

60 pts                                           Gatorade

65 pts                                           Backpack

70 pts                                           Sit with a friend for the day

75 pts                                           Extra Recess

80 pts                                           Two free Homework Passes

85 pts                                           Wear your PJ’s to School

95 pts                                           Wear a Hat in School

100 pts                                         20 Minutes of Computer/IPAD Pass

110 pts                                         Pack of Gum

120 pts                                         Free Afternoon

135 pts                                         Dessert of your choice for your class

150 pts                                         Poster

165 pts                                          Free Book

AR Reading Rewards
Grades 4-6
Points Reward

5 pts                                                   Pencil

10 pts                                                 Pencil Grip

15 pts                                                 Bookmark

20 pts                                                 Gel Pen

25 pts                                                 Lunch with Mr. Paine

30 pts                                                 Read to Kindergarten

35 pts                                                 Magnetic Pal

40 pts                                                 Scented Eraser Wheel

45 pts                                                 Homework Pass

50 pts                                                 Walk the Halls (Last Thursday of Month)

60 pts                                                 20 Minute IPAD Pass

70 pts                                                 Gatorade

80 pts                                                 Extra Recess

90 pts                                                 Root Beer Float

100 pts                                               Wall of Fame (Pizza Party)

125 pts                                               Ear Buds

150 pts                                               Wear a Hat in School

175 pts                                               Two Free Homework Passes

200 pts                                               Treasure Box

225 pts                                               Pack of Gum

250 pts                                               Free Afternoon

275 pts                                               Dessert of your choice for your class

300 pts                                               Poster

325 pts                                               Free Book

AR Reading Rewards
Every Month the Kindergarten Class will receive a Reading Celebration Prize.

September- Pencil
October- Eraser
November – Bookmark
December – Lunch with Mr. Paine
January –  Stacking Pencil
February – Sticker
March – Walk the Halls (Last Thursday of the Month)
April – Root Beer Float
May – Gel Pen