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Grenora Staff


Troy Walters–Superintendent/HS Principal/Head Football Coach/Bus Driver
Phone extension 303

Joseph Paine–Elementary Principal/Dean of Students/Asst. Football Coach/Bus Driver
Phone extension 304


Kristine Field–2nd grade
Phone ext. 330

LeaAnn Fjelstad-Kindergarten
Phone ext. 327

Karl Freeman–6th grade/Elementary Football Coach or
Phone ext. 335

Michelle Freeman–4th grade or
Phone ext. 333

Katelyn Jespersen–Science/Bus Driver or
Phone ext. 309

Troy Jespersen–Industrial Arts/FFA/Head Wrestling/Asst. Football Coach/Bus Driver or
Phone ext. 317-Classroom
Phone ext. 318-Shop

Dee Ann Johnson–K-12 Guidance Counselor
Phone ext. 305

Julie Johnson–Librarian
Phone ext. 324

Alisha Kelly–IT Tech
Phone ext. IT Room 336

Blake Lampert–4-12 PE/JH Health/Athletic Director/Bus Driver
Phone ext. 321

Ashley Lampert–3rd grade/Bus Driver
Phone ext. 331

April Madsen–5th grade
Phone ext. 334

Heather Marottek–Math/Bus Driver
Phone ext. 312

Angela Melgaard–Title I
Phone ext. 332

Mark Miller–K-12 Music/HS JH Drama or
Phone ext. 320-HS music room
Phone ext. 322-Elem music room

Clint Neville–JH Math/ITV Specialist/Website coordinator/Bus Driver
Phone ext. 313

Stephanie Paine–K-3 PE/Business/Yearbook/Head Volleyball coach
Phone ext. 310

Shelly Quimby–7-12 English/HS Drama or
Phone ext. 308

Taryn Sveet–7-12 Social Studies/Close up/JH Drama
Phone ext. 314

Kaloni Togerson–K-12 Special ED/JH Track
Phone ext. 325

Lesli Walters–1st grade or
Phone ext. 329


Shannon Gebhardt

Kyna Frazier

Shirley Hatten

Kari Pittenger

Heather Triplett


Sarah Cleberg–Secretary
Phone ext. 301

Amy Johnson–Administrative Assistant
Phone ext. 302

Jennifer McNamara–Business Manager
Phone ext. 306

KITCHEN Phone ext. 316

Amanda Myers-Head Cook

Lacy Buechler-cook


Wayne Buechler–Head Custodian
Phone ext. 319

Brandie Christian
Tom Christian-Assistant Wrestling
Kieth Quimby
Thomas Field–Bus Driver
Jennifer Lowes–Bus Driver
Moriah Rademacher–Little Gophers Daycare