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Grenora Staff


Troy Walters–Superintendent/HS Principal/Head Football Coach/Bus Driver
Phone extension 303

Joseph Paine–Elementary Principal/Dean of Students/Asst. Football Coach/Bus Driver
Phone extension 304


Kristine Field–2nd grade
Phone ext. 330

Nicole Field–3rd grade
Phone ext. 326

LeaAnn Fjelstad-Kindergarten
Phone ext. 327

Karl Freeman–6th grade/Elementary Football Coach or
Phone ext. 335

Michelle Freeman–4th grade or
Phone ext. 333

Katelyn Jespersen–Science/Bus Driver or
Phone ext. 309

Troy Jespersen–Industrial Arts/FFA/Head Wrestling/Asst. Football Coach/Bus Driver or
Phone ext. 317-Classroom
Phone ext. 318-Shop

Dee Ann Johnson–K-12 Guidance Counselor
Phone ext. 305

Julie Johnson–Librarian
Phone ext. 324

Ashley Lampert–3rd grade/Bus Driver
Phone ext. 331

Blake Lampert–4-12 PE/JH Health/Athletic Director/Bus Driver
Phone ext. 321

April Madsen–5th grade
Phone ext. 334

Heather Marottek–Math/Bus Driver
Phone ext. 312

Angela Melgaard–Title I
Phone ext. 332

Mark Miller–K-12 Music/HS JH Drama or
Phone ext. 320-HS music room

Alisha Muse–IT Tech
Phone ext. IT Room 336

Megan Muse–7-12 FCS
Phone ext. IT Room 336                                                         

Brady Olson — K-8 PE/Health
Phone ext. 310

Stephanie Paine–K-3 PE/Business/Yearbook/Head Volleyball coach
Phone ext. 310

Aaron Rudningen — 7-8 grade/Curriculum Coordinator
Phone ext. 322

Shelly Quimby–7-12 English/HS Drama or
Phone ext. 308

Taryn Sveet–7-12 Social Studies/Close up/JH Drama
Phone ext. 314

Kaloni Togerson–K-12 Special ED/JH Track
Phone ext. 325

Lesli Walters–1st grade or
Phone ext. 329


Shannon Gebhardt

Kyna Frazier

Shirley Hatten

Kari Pittenger

Heather Triplett

Angela Garcia-Soria


Sarah Cleberg–Secretary
Phone ext. 301

Amy Johnson–Administrative Assistant
Phone ext. 302

Jennifer McNamara–Business Manager
Phone ext. 306

KITCHEN Phone ext. 316

Amanda Myers-Head Cook

Lacy Buechler-cook

Kelly Cole-cook


Wayne Buechler–Head Custodian
Phone ext. 319

Brandie Christian–Custodian

Kieth Quimby–Custodian

Thomas Field–Bus Driver

Jennifer Lowes–Bus Driver

Moriah Rademacher–Little Gophers Daycare