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HS Drama


The high school will be performing the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell. First performed in 1916, it is a  play loosely based on the true events of a woman who murdered her husband in rural Iowa. Farmer John Wright has been murdered. While he was asleep in the middle of the night, someone strung a rope around his neck. Shockingly, that someone might have been his wife, the quiet and forlorn Minnie Wright.

The word trifles typically refers to objects of little to no value. It makes sense in the context of the play due to the items that the female characters come across. The interpretation may also be that men do not understand the value of women, and consider them trifles. The play is also known by its other title, “A Jury of Her Peers.”


Cast members:

Mrs. Peters–Saidee N.

Mrs. Hale–Naomi N.

Mr. Peters, Sheriff: Tessa C.

Mr. Hale, Farmer: Robert C.

Mr. Henderson, County Attorney: Raymond B.

Backstage Crew: Lia E, Tessa C, Rhiley H, Tae P, Ashden C, Ava S, Valerie B, Ray B, Tristan R, and assisted by Moriah R.


The cast and crew will be performing the week before they compete in Watford City on November 8th. Please stay tuned for that date!

We thank everyone who has donated items for the play and anyone who has supported the cast and crew through their endeavors!