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JH Drama


The Junior High (7th and 8th grade) will be performing “Lord of the Pies” by Clint Snyder. It is a parody of “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. A pie shop erupts into panic after Franny, a brash cat-lady, announces the arrival of the apocalypse. Franny starts to reconstruct society (called Frannyland) in the tine pie shop and takes out anyone who stands in her way with baby food and scotch tape.

Is the apocalypse real? Will the bathroom serve as an adequate prison? Why is there a muffin tin in a pie shop? “Lord of the Pies” answers these questions…and more!!!!

Cast and crew members are:

Franny-Reese H

Cashier-Angelina R

Dolores-Emma S

Amanda-Angelina G

Janice-Reigan Z

Manager-Olivia C

Jill-Halle J

Stuart-Jackson F

Homer-Lucas K

Peter-Cutler L

Ronnie-Gage B

Pie Maker 1–Lucas K

Pie Maker 2–Angelina R

Pie Maker 3–Emma S

Pie Maker 4–Brandon P

Pie Maker 5–Jackson F

Random Customer 1–Cutler L

Random Customer 2–Emma S