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Team and Individual Records

WINS Jeremiah Paine–24 Jeremiah Paine–50 2015-2016–96
PINS Jeremiah Paine–14 Colton Boelter–17 2015-2016–58
TAKEDOWNS Colton Boelter–15 Colton Boelter–30 2015-16–73
REVERSALS Jorge Rico–11 Jorge Rico–29 2015-16–26
ESCAPES Shaydon Salvesen and
Andrew Field–13
Shaydon Salvesen–18 2014-15–41
NEARFALLS Jorge Rico–14 Jorge Rico–35 2015-16–27
Dual Record Win/loss Head Coach
1968-69 2 Wins 8 Losses 1 Tie Coach Lynn Erickson
2014-2015 4 Wins  10 Losses Coach Neville
2015-16 2 Wins  9 Losses Coach Jespersen